Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hooray, we managed it, we got out. My lovely, lovely husband, cleared the track with the tractor, and we managed to get out. It was a bit dodgy in places, not our track but the little road up to the main road, but we did it safely. Once at the main road, it was brilliant, like being in another world. I went to visit my very best friend, and we sat and had a catch up and a cup of tea together, then we managed to go to the shops without any children, how nice that was. We had a lovely mooch round the shops. I tried on some boots for myself for Christmas but they didn't fit, which was a real shame as I loved the boots, they were a bit on the big side. Then I just thought, what's the point, I don't need anything. We went back to her house, had another drink, then by then my kids were all there, as they had bused back to her house, and we came home. The hill back up to ours, was a bit slippy in places, and the wheels were spinning, but we made it. Home safe and sound. Life is good!!

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