Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy Days

Well, what a lovely Christmas. I had a watch, from my parents, a knitting book, from myself, some lovely willow tree figures, from my friend, chocolates, a top and lots of other bits and pieces. My eldest son even bought me a mini. The roads were too icy to drive outside, so I had to make do with driving it by remote on the dining room table. I know, shame it wasn't a real one, maybe one day!!

I have done lots of knitting, but not finished yet. I have almost finished the front of the long line waistcoat, but it's great knitting for doing while watching dvds. I am going to finish this, and some of the other wips (I know, I always say that) but I feel I should stop being so wasteful. I have listed some of my books and dvds on amazon, and 2 have sold already. I am going to put the money by, in a separate account, to save for spending money if I can go to wonderwool wales in april!!By then I should have knitted up some of my stash, so can maybe, maybe buy something really small and wooly, like a ball of wool???

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