Friday, 3 December 2010


Everyones blogs these past few days are probably about snow. This picture is last weeks snow, which melted, now we have more. All of the kids schools were shut, so for the past two days they have been home. They have had some fun in the snow, and there have been a few arguments (nothing new there), but hopefully by the weekend it will all be gone, well I hope so.
I have been looking through my stash, and finding things that I had forgotten about, so I really must get organised. I found a half finished beret, so I am finishing that today. I have some lovely bootees to do, but I have sewn them up wrong, so have to unpick them, so I will probably put that off too!!
In fact last night I was sitting on a chair in the bathroom knitting, as you do, and the piece of knitting was on a straight needle, so I was putting it on to a circular. I was knitting and chatting to my hubby (he was in the bath), and I said, "I can hear those rats", then I would stop knitting. He would stop talking and we would both listen, but nothing could be heard. I kept knitting and he was chatting, then I stopped again, to listen, nothing. Then I looked down and realised that the other end of the circular needle was scratching across plastic of the laundry basket, so it wasn't rats!!

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