Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Getting excited!!

I know, I know, you're thinking what is a 40 something year old getting excited about Christmas for. Think again. I am getting excited because as I type my lovely husband is in a tractor with a bucket on the front, trying to scrape the snow off our hill!!Yay - go hubby!! I am so hoping that he can get it clear enough for us to go out today. Three of my lovely daughters, who are 16,15,14 (I know teenage years have been hard!!), got up at 7 this morning and left the house with their eldest brother. They walked down the hill, in the snow to get in his car, so he could give them a lift into town. They all arrived safely, which gives me hope. If I can get our car down the hill, then I can go out and see my very best friend. I am taking my knitting, and a gift of wood, so we can sit by here fire, drinking cappucinos and knitting, what more can a girl ask for.

Finished the hat off in bed this morning, so that looks lovely. Don't think it suits me, but I will wear it as it is so pretty, and I knitted it in 3 days. Now to do some more rico can can scarves for christmas presents aaaggghhh, how many can I do in 3 days???If you don't hear from me before Christmas it's because I have made up for lost time!!!Happy Christmas to my loyal readers - well my daughter, and 2 friends, and an interenet buddy!!

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