Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting on with it!!

I have had a most productive week this week. I don't know why, as I have still been out and about but I have finally managed to finish some bits and pieces. The pink cardigan is knitted in snuggly, and it is so soft to knit with. It's for a friend of mine, whose baby is due in the next few weeks.
This lovely blue set is for my brother and his wife. The bootees were so quick to make. I didn't enjoy the tank top, as I am not so good at picking up around the neck and armholes, probably because I am in such a rush to get things finished that I don't take the proper care.

This lovely little dress was knitted for my grandaughter. The only problem is she is now 18 months old, so it won't fit her. It's 6-9 months old, that's how long it has been sitting in my to do pile. I feel really good as I have finished it at long last. It looks really sweet, better than in the picture, so I think I will give it to the lady with the pink cardigan too.
I have managed to track down some more red wool to finish the cardigan, so that's almost done, should be finished by Sunday. I have to take 3 of my girls to Primarni (Primark) tomorrow to get some clothes. They will be in their element, I am seriously tempted to sit outside on the bench knitting and they can call me in when they are at the checkout!!
I have loads of ideas buzzing around my head. I am going to try and design a jumper dress for my grandaughter. My daughter ordered her a dress from an online store. It was about £25, so I said I would knit her one, then she can choose the design herself. So I have got some lovely red wool and cream. The main body of the dress is in red, with red and cream striped arms and then I am going to knit a daisy seperately and sew it on the front. I think it will look lovely, but I have to do some swatching first, and I'm not sure how that will go.
Bought some lovely wool from the yarnaddict shop, take a look. She has got some lovely colours, I think I may be paying her a visit again soon.
Happy knitting.

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