Friday, 24 September 2010

A little treat

Sometimes when you need a little pick up, CK is just the tonic!!

I needed a bag for India, so this is the one I picked. Ok, I know I could have gone for the cheaper option, but hey I figure this will last a while anyway. I am not wild on messenger bags, but for India this is better for me than a rucksack worn round the front of yourself. This way I figure I can have it on my shoulder or across my body,with the bag around the front.

I made 2 cakes today, so I put the money towards the bag, so now I have to make 2 more, to pay for the rest of it.

Today has been a funny old day. I was sat in my dining room for over and hour, and I was freezing after that. My fingers were cold, so when I went out in the car, I had the heater on to warm me up. I just hope I am not sickening for something, as I have put the heating on, and I have a cardigan and a shawl on too. Not a good look, but hey it's cozy.

We have a party to go to tomorrow night. Feeling fat (surprising that, as I actually am!!), so not sure what to wear. Plus the fact the weather is unpredictable. I was going in linen trousers and a thin blouse. Now I am thinking grey trousers, blouse and the shawl of warmness!!

I had my hair cut about a week ago, and I still am not sure if I like it. The girl (who was the same age as my eldest son, 21) cut my hair and gave me a side parting. The trouble is I still can't figure out how far over the parting was, so every day I wake up, it seems different. I am in two minds what to do. Thinking about going for a restyle, somewhere else, or just making a bit more effort to do something with it. It was easier when I didn't care. If I could just stay in with my CK bag and knit, life would be much simpler.

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