Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cant think of a title

Life seems to be whizzing by. I have finished my red cardigan, and not sure if I like it or not. Well I do like it, but not sure about the way it looks on me. It has 3/4 sleeves, so I have decided to lengthen them to make it long sleeved, maybe that will help.

Started knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in some Noro Cashmere Island that I had in my stash, and they look quite sweet, will take some photos when I have sewn them up.

My youngest son who is 6 lost another one of his teeth this week. For some reason he decided to hide it in one of the cereal packets for a joke. So then none of the others would eat the cereals. I went through all the boxes, and found it in my packet of Bran Flakes, but luckily it was in the box not inside the packet. I showed all the rest of the kids so they would believe me and then they would eat the cereals again.

Knitting group today was great. We had a lady there from South Africa. She had seen the copy of Simply knitting from a couple of months ago. We were club of the month and she knew she was coming to England on holiday, so she decided to join us. It was lovely to have someone from so far away, she is here for a month, so she will be coming again. I was also able to write her a list of all the knitting shops in the area, well within a 50 mile radius, so she will have fun yarn shopping.

I also have finally given in a bought a skein of wollmeise. Now this wool is so popular, that as soon as it is posted up on the internet, it is sold. I even looked on an american website, and they limit people to one skein per colourway. I have been looking but no joy so far. Then I looked on and someone was selling some, and somehow through the miracles of paypal (so it doesn't feel like real money!!) it ended up in my stash. I will have to wind it in to a ball and knit with it.

I managed to get a wool winder from ebay. It was a vintage one from the 1950's and I have manged to wind some of my skeins into balls now. Some of them are about £40 but I managed to get this one for £4.50 - bargain.

Well off to finish knitting my fingerless gloves and my grandaughters cardigan. I have so many ideas in my head and it's about time I got them out of my head, and onto my needles. Bye for now

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