Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely day it was. My lovely husband took the day off work. He looked after the children in the morning, so I could go to knitting group. That was a lovely. They had made me a lovely card, and signed it, and also made me a yummy chocolate cake, which we ate with our coffee. Then I went home, we had lunch and then we went swimming (which I don't really enjoy). What was lovely, is that my lovely grandaughter came with us. She loved splashing around in the water, and really enjoyed the pool. Then we went back to our house, and in the evening my mum and dad took the whole family out for a meal, which was very nice, and very yummy.

I got some lovely presents. A box of chocolates, a lovely notebook with a knitted elephant on, a purple scarf, some grey fingerless gloves. One of my friends, bless her, bought me a bottle of win, a packet of cool original doritos, and a box of french fancies - how cool is that, all of my favourite things. I spent a lot of the day knitting in between times, so have just got one more Christmas hat to finish, in between packing. Leave for India on Sunday, oh my goodness!!!

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