Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't worry

I have been worrying. Not constantly, just occasionally. A couple of evenings ago, my hubby and I watched a DVD. It was a documentary about India. Very interesting, very enlightening, and also very worrying. We are going to be doing a 28.5 hour train journey. Sleeper carriages, 3rd class with air conditioning. (I am hoping air conditioning doesn't consist of me waving a newspaper in front of my face to create a draft)

On the documentary the women was in a first class sleeper compartment, all looked basic, but ok, until she decided to show the cockroaches crawling around the floor. Yuk and double yuk. I don't like insects very much, in fact at all. My hubby usually ends up jumping around our bedroom trying to catch/kill/destroy any creatures that creep into our room. Now I am putting myself in a place where I have no control over insects. I think I will keep my eyes closed and ear phones in with loud music!!

Knitting is coming along. I have finished a cardigan. I love it, but it isn't the best fit in the world. If my boobs were smaller, it would be fine. Now I know I can't have a boob job done, so I will just have to wear it undone.

I am on the last stretch of grandaughers flower cardigan. But I have managed also to knit one strawberry hat, one pumpkin hat and 2 pairs of mittens.

Had a quick visit to Bristol on Wednesday, wow, that was only yesterday. I went to meet my sister in law who lives in Wales, we meet in Bristol for coffee a couple of times a year. I had a lovely drool in the wool section of John Lewis. I was very restrained, but did end up giving into temptation and bought some alpaca cotton to knit myself a scarf. I know, I know, I have enough wool to knit 25 scarves, and haven't done one yet, but I will, honest I will. Off to finish something, not sure what yet, but happy knitting.

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