Friday, 28 May 2010

New knitting

I couldn't resist. This is my new project. I only started it on Wednesday, and I have already knitted one sleeve and got to the increase for the main body. I am knitting this in Rowan Organic Dk, and it is soooo lovely to knit with. I bought the wool from ebay, and then thought, what am I going to knit with it. I started to try and knit something else, but the pattern was a bit complicated, and I didn't have anyone to ask for help, so found this pattern in my folder. It is looking really nice. I have just sat and knitted it whenever I have had the chance.
I am hoping to get this finished before the summer is over.
Today I had to take the car to the garage to get the electric window sorted out, as the passenger one doesn't open. It's ok during the winter, but in the summer it gets a bit hot. So I dropped the car off and walked into town. I ended up meeting daughter number one, and we had a coffee with my grandaughter, and went to the park, where grandaughter pushed her little dolls pushchair around for a while. After my daughter had gone, I sat in the park and knitting for a while, it was so nice in the sunshine, listening to a podcast about knitting. Keeping an eye on the seagull which was hoping to get under the bench to eat the crisps someone had dropped there. I kept my eye on it, must admit I am not that fond of seagulls, why they are protected - I don't know. Anyway it was lovely. Then went and had a coffee in a coffee shop and did some more knitting, then picked the car up, which needs to go back as they need to spend some more time on it. Oh well, more park knitting I think!!Happy days

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