Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Time flies

When I started doing this blog, I thought I would write most days. I love reading other blogs, but sometimes felt disappointed when they hadn't written for a while. Now I understand. Life just zooms past. I am full of good intentions - whether it's too lose weight, finish off all those knitting projects that I have on the go or spend less time drooling over yarn on the internet. I am still knitting this lovely cardigan, Golden Vintage Cardigan, that I bought via Ravelry. I actually found a pattern mistake. I didn't realise it, I was stuck and emailed the lady who had written it, and she soon rectified the mistake, so I am knitting furiously to finish the back. It's Rowan Silk Cotton, I don't love the feel of it to knit with, but the half finished knitting is looking really nice.

On Saturday, I went to visit my mum with 4 of the children. My number 3 daughter is in Spain on holiday with a friend. Feels really strange without her, but she is having a lovely time. Whilst at my mums I managed to escape for one hour. I found myself at Carlys Crafts in Winton. I do love that shop. I think I may have mentioned that just a few times before. I was in there for a whole hour. I mean, how can that be, it's only the size of my lounge. She was so helpful and chatty. I only ended up buying one ball of 4 ply, and one ball of Rowan fine milk cotton. Well that's all I am posting on here, as it is read by family, who may grass me up!!I so badly want to knit a cardigan in Rowan magazine, so I have been trying to do tension squares, so that I can do it in cheaper wool. But I must say that my tension is spot on for the fine milk cotton, and I can feel myself weakening.

I did sell my ipod to my number 2 daughter. She was saving up for one, so I let her have it for half the price she would have had to pay in the shops. Now I am trying to be sensible with the money. Choices. Rowan fine milk cotton?My sensible, rational side says "NO! absolutely not, you have a trunk full of wool, knit something from there" but my lustful, covetous side (yes I do have them) says "they discontinue rowan wools so often, wait until it's on sale as a compromise" So I think that's what I must do. Still got three things on the needles so must finish them. They are all (apart from the silk cotton) on the sleeves, so the end is in sight.

I am sat at the computer looking out over fields with the sun shining and lots of different shades of green in all the fields. It's so lovely. I have been thinking lately, about how easy it is to take things and people for granted. I am trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Trying to think of things to be grateful for. A lovely, lovely husband, who is my best friend, lovely children, a lovely grandaughter, good health, a big house (messy but big) and friends. That's before you go on to the list of possessions. So if you are reading this, and I know at least 2 people do, don't forget to count your blessings, there is always something to be thankful for. Mostly knitting!!

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