Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Handling disappointments

Still go a dodgy back, so I have stayed at home all day today. Now that doesn't happen much here. I do tend to go out a lot. I am always here when the kids come home from school, but while the kids are away, the mummy must play!!Today I made 2 cakes and did washing, apart from that it was knitting most of the day. Getting closer to being able to put some photographs up of finally finished objects.

The disappointment is:- I was supposed to be going to Bath at the end of this month with my mum, and my lovely sister-in-law. It's been planned since February, it was my mums treat. I was looking forward to it, as we were going to the therma spa, and going shopping (also there is a Cath Kidston shop there too!). I even asked my lovely husband if he would take the time off work to be here for the children when they got home from school, and he said he would.

My sister-in-law phoned me to say that mum was having a bad day (she suffers with depression), so she decided to cancel the trip (which is in two weeks time). My sis-in-law tried to say that she may feel different in two weeks, but mum wanted to cancel. I am gutted, I was half expecting it, as mum sometimes feels under pressure about things. But she invited us!!She wanted to do it, it was all her idea. It makes you see what you are like inside. I think I must have changed a bit, as I am disappointed, but not in a way that you want to cry, scream and throw yourself on the floor (I have been known to do that!!) Now I have got that off my chest I feel better. I must admit though, I have put the answer phone on, because I don't feel positive enough to speak if my mum telephones. Maybe I am a bit childish but that's the way I work.

I am tempted to comfort buy some wool off ebay, but no I will not yield to temptation!!I am going to knit and now my phone is ringing, and I am not answering it.

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