Monday, 17 May 2010

Old friends and knitting novels

Today I met up with an old friend, now I don't consider her as old, I mean we have been friends for years. Funny enough, she was my mums friend, and I have sort of taken over now. The best thing about this lovely lady is she helped me so much with my knitting years ago. I used to phone her up and ask her, which side was the right side of knitting, and when it says ending with a ws row, what does that mean. She always helped me, and encouraged me. I also remember going round to her flat, when she was at work, and she let me watch her kaffe Fasset video on colour knitting, and that inspired me. She doesn't knit so much now, as her life is busy, but she is happy for me to ramble on about what I am knitting. It's so nice to have a friend, that you don't have to pretend with. You can totally be yourself, warts and all, and they just totally accept you. I love this lady, as she is always encouraging, kind and helpful, but she is also lovely and down to earth too, so you can have a real laugh with her.

I have just finished reading Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs. I quite enjoyed it. I have read The Friday Night Knitting Club, and the second one (which I can't remember) and now I have just finished this one. Very good. I do like reading knitting novels, and I have sort of had a go at starting one myself, but not sure where it's going so it's saved on a memory stick somewhere. I like Needles and Pearls by Gill McNeil too, and Divas don't knit. Very enjoyable. I must admit, I like audio books, but don't get them very often, but that's a great way to multi task. You can knit and listen to a book too. I know the library do free downloads, but you have to track down a book that you like first.

Not done lots of knitting this week. I have had a go at doing crochet, and I do like the way that little things grow. I really want to make a ripple blanket. I have sort of got the hang of it, but you need too much time, to sit down and play. Maybe tomorrow. I am going to have a home day tomorrow. Life gets too busy and I never seem to do anything at home. So tomorrow, baking, ironing, cleaning, and then knitting. Let's hope I don't get sidetracked by the internet!!happy knitting.

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