Monday, 2 January 2012


Thats it, all finished, Christmas, New Year and a knitting project, actually 2. I will add photos later, as  my daughter took photos, added them to my computer, then deleted them, so will have to retake. I have finished my long cardigan. I changed the collar, and it looks really nice. also knitted a lovely hat from The Gentle Art of Knitting, and it looks lovely. Knitted it in the actual wool too, which was Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, very soft and fluffy, and the hat looks fab.

Didn't get anything knitted or knitting related for Christmas. Treated myself to some brown wool from always get some good bargains on there, but you have to keep browsing (not difficult).

Most of the family back to school/work tomorrow, just youngest (8 years) off, he's easily pleased with xbox and maybe a bike ride.

Had a nice Christmas, but be nice to get back into a routine again. Happy New Year

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