Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have been so busy packing up the house to move. I have managed some knitting time, as it's chilled me a bit, as I do get a bit stressed. I am on one of the sleeves on my bodice cardigan, I am really looking forward to finishing it, because it just may be the one item I knit that I like, fits me, and I feel happy in it, so let's hope so. Still doing my daughters cable cardi, on the last sleeve now, so hopefully it will be finished sometime. I keep a sock to knit, in my handbag, so if I am out and about, I can keep on with that.

Today we are moving most of the furniture out of our house, then I can clean the carpets. We actually move out Saturday but we are doing it through the week. We will actually be in the new house in two weeks on saturday. In the meantime, some lovely friends are having us to stay for 2 weeks, bless them. I am only going to take 3 knitting projects with me, then hopefully I will finish them, as no other distractions. Off to wake the family up for school now.

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