Monday, 26 April 2010

Podcasts and new project

Well, I just wanted to start a little bit by talking about podcasts. This is a great way to learn about other peoples knitting styles, habits and generally be nosey about how other people live. I listen to sticks and string, electric sheep (just found this one, and it's brilliant), lime and violet (not always a clean podcast though, so be warned), it is funny and does enable you to search on line for yarn that you never have heard of, and they you end up buying it!!Knitty nora is also good, but she doesn't do podcasting as much as she is busy with twins. Basically if you search on itunes under knitting podcasts, there are loads. I used to listen to lots, but I ended up getting a bit confused, so tend to stick with these few.

Well I succumbed and gave into temptation. I didn't buy any more yarn (but I so want to), but I have started a new project. So naughty. Even hubby said, I thought you weren't starting anything new. I said I was just giving it a try, but I seem to have just kept knitting. I had some Rowan Silk Cotton that I bought in the sale, half price at hobbycraft (it's now been discontinued). I have been looking for ages for a pattern, and eventually I have found one on Ravelry. I actually bought it as I really like it. They specified a different type of yarn, but someone else knitted it in Silk cotton, and it turned out ok. Silk Cotton is quite unusual to knit with. It's almost an aran weight, but like cotton, but not so soft. It does split if you aren't careful, so I am going to use some knit pro symfonie circular needles to knit it on (when they arrive, as I had to buy new tips off ebay). The pattern is called Golden Vintage caridgan and it looks nice, short sleeves, so it should be ok to wear in the summer, so as summer is on it's way, I think I better go now and do some more knitting.

We have chickens now, so will take some photos and add them next time. They are so great, and we now have had 2 eggs.

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