Friday, 9 April 2010

Rambling thoughts

Yesterday was great. I really enjoy going to knitting group. I often look round the group of strangers ,who have now become my friends, and smile inside. A lot of us would never have met if we didn't knit. Everyone has something to talk about, and something to bring to the group. We all seem to be able to help someone else, if they are stuck on a pattern. One of the ladies had bought the AK Traditions doll pattern book that I had, and she has finished her doll, and it looks amazing. I nearly felt like giving up as hers looked so professional, but now I have stuffed the body, it's looking a bit better.

The weather today has been amazing. I put on trousers and boots, and wish I had worn flip flops. I sat in my mums garden for about 2 hours and got sunburnt. Didn't expect it at all. Tomorrow is looking promising too, so will dig the flip flops out.

I had a conversation with one of my sister-in-laws yesterday (I have 9 of them) and she asked which of our houses did I like the best. We have moved a few times as my lovely husband is a farmer, and the house goes with the job. As our family (of 7) increased we needed a bigger house. I decided this house we are in is the best. It's big (so messy too) but there is always somewhere to escape to, if you need a bit of time alone. Our last house was much smaller and much easier to keep tidy, but the children were smaller too. I can't believe that I actually had 5 children at home, and 3 of them were under 2 and a half years old. I look back, and wonder how I coped. Then I realised, you had to cope. It was a great time, and it seemed like I was surrounded by nappies and pregnant forever, but it's over now. Where have those years gone. I didn't even knit much then, only occasionally. It still sometimes amazes me, when people ask how many kids have I got, I tell them, 7, and they are shocked and say "7" like it's weird. I suppose it is, but they have all been around so long you just get on with it.

Anyway enough rambling. I have knitting to do. Thanks for reading.

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