Friday, 27 April 2012

Road Trip and Sewing

I have been sewing. I saw some project bags on, and I fancied having a go at making some. I have borrowed daughter number 1's sewing machine, and my mum showed me how, and voila, here you see my first project bag. It's lined in exactly the same fabric too. I am quite chuffed with my first attempt. Daughter number 1 is selling her sewing machine, and I am very tempted. I also have bought some lovely material with liquorice allsorts on, so watch this space. It's just big enough to put some socks in, or a sleeve of a jumper, if you want to just pop something in your handbag. I reckon it costs about 2.00 to make, so quite cheap, and didn't take long. The ribbon, probably isn't the best thing to put through, but it was here, and it went with the bag, so there it goes.

Today I am going on a road trip. I am driving to Wales to see my sister-in-law and taking daughter number 4 with me. I have packed my knitting, and some clothes. Then I just remembered to print out a map, talk about getting your priorities right!! While I am in Wales it does happen to be Wonderwool Wales, and it's not far from her, but I can't really see it happening. I cleaned my sons house for him, and bless him he gave me some money,. so if I did to, and if I did see anything, then who knows!!Back soon.

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