Wednesday, 2 May 2012

So disappointed

Well I finally finished the Rowan cotton jeans cardigan. And it looks rubbish. It's too big, the sleeves are too long. I have decided that cotton is too heavy for a cardi, and it droops rather than hangs nicely. I have put it away, and I will unpick it (grrr) and use the wool to knit a cable waistcoat or something. It's so annoying, that's probably why I couldn't find any big projects on Ravelry. Lovely colour too.

Been knitting little things again. Done a dishcloth, now crocheting a cowl, just to see what it turns out like. I'm going to try and do small things, as they don't seem to go as wrong for me. Maybe I just rush too much, or don't concentrate. I have to think a bit more about what I knit for me.

Start my new job in two weeks time, bit nervous, but it will be ok. I hope

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