Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Getting things wrong

Do you ever have times you wonder why you bother???I mean with knitting, apart from other stuff of life.

I tried to crochet a cowl, you know the round loopy things you wear round your neck. It looked like it was going sort of ok. Actually who am I trying to kid? As I was making it, I was thinking, will I wear it, do I like it, is it going ok? Started to add another colour in to finish it, and then realised I had twisted it. Now I know you can twist on purpose, so its a mobious? cowl, but it looked rubbish. So I had wasted two evenings, and now it's in the bag along with the rowan cotton jeans, to unpick.

Then I started knitting dishcloths. They turned out ok, but both with a little mistake. I think I need to stop and look at my knitting a bit more often. I go on blindly knitting, thinking it's fine, and then get to the end and its cr-rubbish. So then I decided to make a cotton string bag, and was one stitch out, but thought oh it will be ok. Needless to say, it's not, so thats been unpicked back to the base and put away for another day. Now I am picking up and finishing socks, that have been one of a pair. So far have done 3, and have 3 to go before I can start new socks. I have knitted ONE cotton dishcoth, which has turned out ok, so that's good. Think I am better with little things for a while. Haven't got much time at the moment anyway, just started my induction for my new care worker job. That was really good, interesting and informative, and I am quite excited about going back to work after 25 years.

Off to cook tea, for hungry family. Back soon.

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