Thursday, 31 May 2012

New job

Well had a great weekend away with my best friend. We shopped, we drank, we ate, we laughed, oh how we laughed and I knitted. We sat all afternoon in a park with a Marks and Spencers picnic and a bottle of bubbly, and it was lovely. The food was amazing, the bottle was gorgeous, and the weather was fab, and I knitted socks. Good times. We even managed to go to a lovley knitting/craft shop called Pins and Tins, or Tins and Pins (can't remember), it had wool, lovely, lovely fabric (sorely tempted) knitting pattern books and lovely little bits and pieces. Wish I lived down there, as they also do workshops on various things, like felting, sounded great.

I am making some felted clogs now. I know, I know, I am a fickle knitter. I found the pattern on the internet, and gave in and bought the pattern. Its knitted on big needles 9mm with two strands of wool, needs to be 100% wool as it felts well then. I am halfway through one, and I only started it this morning at 5.30. I couldn't sleep so got up to knit. I love early mornings when no one else is up, and I have the house to myself.

Well today was my second day at work. First day working alone. I only did one visit, but it was ok. Felt funny going out with a uniform on, felt like a grown up. Tomorrow I have two visits, working alongside another carer, so hope that goes ok.

Got a street party going on in our street on Monday. Will be fun. Just bought bunting today, and flags, so it will be lovely and patriotic.

Happy knitting

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