Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Amazing Dream

This morning I woke up halfway through an amazing dream. So annoying, wish I could have finished it.

Basically I was on my way to a knitting weekend, or teaching day. I was rollerblading there (I don't rollerblade) with Jared Flood, and on the way picking up my friend Catherine. When we arrived at the knitting workshop there was Anniken Allis from so I went up and introduced myself and told the others that I had rollerbladed 7 miles with Jared Flood and how excited I was to be there, and then I woke up. I was disappointed to find myself in bed with my hubby, actually I am never disappointed to be with him, as I love him loads, but disappointed not to be going to a knitting workshop. Maybe one day I will. I keep seeing them on different websites, and thinking I would love to go, but it's money, time and childcare.

Been knitting a shawl in Aran Cotton that I had lying around. I don't need a shawl, but just fancied doing something a bit different. It's an easy pattern with a lace eyelet stitch, so you can sit and watch stuff whilst doing it. Actually rephrase that, most other knitters can sit and watch stuff whilst knitting the easy pattern, I made mistakes, but being resourceful (and lazy) I just incorporated it into the pattern and am trying to make the mistake part of the whole thing.

Today I bought myself a book on sewing bags. I am determined to get the hang of the sewing machine, so I can be a bit more creative. I still find knitting my first love, but I have seen some lovely fabric and really really want to make a bag. Should have bought the fabric whilst I was in Plymouth, but didn't. Never mind, will have to make another trip up there.

Off to tidy up before the boys get home from the party they've been to.

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