Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have been offered a job!!!How cool is that. After being turned down by Asda, not hearing back from the local hospital I was beginning to think - all I can do is knit. I popped in to an open day run by a care agency, and the next day got offered the job. I think the nices thing was, the lady said on the phone, "it was really nice to meet you, I think you have got a great attitude, and I think you will make a great carer" Now I know some people will think - its just what they say, but it made me feel quite good and positive about myself. People are quick enough to put you down, and take you for granted - so it was nice to hear something positive. I haven't had email confirmation yet, so will wait and see. Probably won't start til May, and my hours are 7 am til 10 am, so that fits in with the family and the school holidays, so I am well pleased.

In honour of the occasion, the fickle part of me is starting a new cardigan in Rowan Cotton Jeans. I havne't got enough, but a lovely friend of mine bought 14 balls of the same bargain colour, and said I could have some of hers - hooray, what a fab mate. So I have cast on. I know, I know, I still have all that other stuff to do, but hey, I am what I am, as the song goes.

Havnen't been to knitting group in 3 weeks!!! Won't be able to go this week either, funny thought I wasn't bothered, but I have missed the chatter. Still I will be back soon.

Sorry no photos, but couldn't wait to share the news that I am employable, and someone likes me!!!

happy knitting


  1. Brilliant news, well done!!! Guess what, I have got a job too! I will be a staff nurse again in a nursing home, also will be starting in May. Just think- more money to spend on yarn and if you do night shifts, don't tell anyone but sometimes there is time to knit

  2. Well done Debs, both in the same line of work then. Hope all goes well