Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Knitting Books

Two lovely knitting books came my way. Cowl Girls - full of scarves, cowls etc. Must admit I'm not loving it, but I have started to knit a cowl from it, and have nearly finished. It's being knitted in baby alpaca, which is soo soft. It's in dark grey, and I am going to sew a different colour flower on.

The other book was stitch and bitch superstar knitting, by Debbie Stoller, may have got the name of title of the book but it's got loads of useful information in and a few nice patterns. Not sure how much I will knit from it, but it's full of lots of tips.

I was soooo tempted today to buy some Rowan Lima. I bought a lovely pattern book and there is a lovely pattern I want to knit.I even got as far as emailing someone for a price. Then I decided to stop myself. I realise I have an addiction, like a crack habit, or something. It's maybe a bit of  OCD too. So anyway, I am going to set myself a target of clearing enough stash, to fit in one storage facility, not 4. So there I have posted it on here, so that's it committed.

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