Monday, 28 February 2011


I have just discovered the fun of knitting dishcloths. I have knitted a couple of plain ones, with craft cotton, just by casting on 40 sts and then the first row, you wrap the wool twice round the needle and knit the stitch, then carry on until the end of the row. Next row just knit the first stitch (there are 2 stitches wrapped round the needles) and drop the next stitch off, so you get a big loop, then knit the next row. Simple. They wash well, even go through hot wash on the washing machine. Good mindless knitting for car journeys or tv watching.

I bought the mason dixon knitting book, and the pattern for the above dishcloths were in there. I found the yarn (peaches and creme) on and then just played around. The teracotta one has been used and washed and dried, and the green one I finished last night. Trouble is I have only got  a few colours, and I am banned (hubby) from buying more wool. I figure, mothers day is in just over a month, so I will aske for peaches and creme instead of flowers etc, I will get more pleasure out of it, and it won't cost the kids so much. I can even let them pick the colours and surprise me.

Half finished the friendship shawl, must start the second half, as it will look nice when finished. The wool is lovely, very easy to knit with, and doesn't split at all. Can't remember which one I bought, think it was a sock yarn from definitely worth looking at her yarn, and follow her blog, it's really good. Just really enjoy little projects at the moment, only have one big one on needles, and that's the long grey waistcoat, just got to finish the front, then I have only one to do. Must get on, knitting calls.

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