Saturday, 5 November 2011


What a week. On Tuesday, a friend of mine came over. Well, I think she's a friend. Basically I am trying to lose weight and get fitter, and tone up. She is a personal trainer. She said that she would come over and run through some excercised with me. Boy, oh boy. I did the warm up, and I managed to do the excercise routine, even though my thigh muscles were protesting. I quite enjoyed the challenge. There were excercises like press ups but you just brought one knee up to your chest at a time, then Russian Twists, then two other excercises. I felt really good for having done them.

Then the next day. I had a job to get out of bed. I had to lower myself gingerly onto the loo, as my thigh muscles were aching. I had to go to hospital with my mum for an appointment, and I looked like the one with health problems as I gingerly lowered myself onto a chair. It's now Saturday, and I managed to do half the excercises again. Still a bit of muscle pain, but getting better. I didn't realise how unfit I was, or how little I do!!I probably have well thin excercised fingers from knitting, but that's it!!

Lost half a pound at weight watchers, which was amazing as last week was half term and two meals out. Still onwards and upwards, or downwards would be best.

Got really inspired with knitting and just wasted half an hour on the internet trying to source cheaper wool. Then realised it's silly as I still have so much wool, and so many UFO's, so I am logging off.

Off to knit some more toy outfits.

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