Thursday, 24 November 2011

Where does time go

I can't believe that we are now coming up to the end of November. Where does time go? I have still been keeping up with weight watchers and now have lost 12 pound - hooray. It's not been all easy peasy. I have made myself, at least twice a week, do the killer workout, and I have walked lots, and everywhere. I only have the car occasionally so it does make me walk more. I'm sure that's the main contributor towards losing weight.

I have given up on the toy knitting. It's very time consuming, and I was beginning to get a bit fed up of not being able to knit things I love. So I went through my stash, and I have knitted 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and 2 odd ones, that I now have to finish the other one to make 2 more pairs.

Made a lovely job of my finished hooded jacket, only to find that the hood comes down to nearly my chin when I put the hood up, so I will unpick that and re-knit it, because I love it so much.

Have been a bit naughty, and bought some more yarn. had some lovely Sirdar countrystyle dk for 1.99 a ball (100g ball) so I bought enough, to knit a daughter one for Christmas.

Then whilst browsing (note to self -DON'T) I bought some Rowan cotton jeans from it was only 99p for 50g balls, so that's gone to live with the other stash collectors. But now I am going to only buy if it's enough for a project. I have so many odd balls. At least by knitting gloves, you can give them away as presents, or even sell them at school fairs etc. I will think about doing that next year. Have left it too late for this year. Can't really have a table with 4 pairs of gloves!!

Well off to face the day. I feel good. I have done my workout, got the kids off to school, now I am off to tidy up, shower and then off the knitting group. Happy knitting

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