Saturday, 14 May 2011

No knitting time

The last couple of days have been a bit frustrating. I haven't really had any quality knitting time. I took the girls to youth group last night, and waited in the car for 2 hours (saves petrol as it's 7 miles away), and I did some knitting in the car. Today, I did one round of a sock, very disappointing. Had a nice time out with friends with breakfast, then coffee with a friend. Then taxi service to town to buy trainers for one of my boys. Now we are just about to go out for a meal with lovely friends. I am so looking forward to moving, from the point of view, to have my knitting books out, and my wool sorted into stash piles. That will be a good way to be organised. I am going to write down what I have, and list it on Ravelry, so I know what I have for projects. Maybe then I won't be tempted to buy stuff. Anyway off to nag hubby to get in the shower, as he is busy painting our utility room, ready for the next person who moves in. See you soon.

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