Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm not feeling the love

I'm sorry if you are bored about reading about sheep, but I am so bored of the destructive little critters!!!Yesterday my hubby took down the electric fencing as the battery had run out, so the lambs kept escaping. Now I would have just hooked it up to the pylons to be honest, they would have learnt then!!So he basically blocked the two entrances to the courtyard with sheep hurdles, so we left the car out the front, and the lambs could graze the whole courtyard. My eldest son needed to get his motorbike out for work, so I opened the hurdles to let him through, whilst watching the lambs, because I could see their little minds looking for that window of opportunity to escape. I shut the hurdles and linked them together, but obviously there was a small gap that the little blighters found. I looked out the windown half an hour later, and they are all milling around at the front of the house. So me and son number two (he's 11), went outside and got them back in where they should be. Then we both put the hurdles together and wedged them in place with a rock. Blow me, I look round and 8 of the little darlings (believe me that is not meant as a term of endearment) were in the house. I shout to son number 3, who is in the house, but he didn't hear. So son number 2 goes in after the sheep and gets them out. In the meantime he had trod in sheep poo, and walked it through the house. FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!So then I had to clean the poo off the floor and carpet, and then off his shoes so he could wear them to school. Whilst cleaning the said shoe, I looked up the hallway and there was a lamb attempting to come in again (someone didn't shut the door) I screamed "GET OUT OR I WILL KILL YOU" I think it realised that I wasn't joking and ran.

Now when I look at back at what I have written I must sound like some sort of psycho!!It has just been a long time. I wish we had just bought a mower, there is poo all over the path, garden etc. The boys ended up jumping out of the dining room window to go to school rather than walk through lamb country. I think my lovely hubby is taking them back to the farm today. If not I will strap them in my galaxy and take them back myself!!!

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