Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Boxes everywhere

This post is about packing. Trouble is with moving house, you have to try and put the contents of your house into boxes. Well we live in a big house, it actually has 14 rooms, including toilets. My yarn alone has filled at least six boxes. I think I said earlier, that I labelled them Craft in the end, instead of Sallys wool. I have missed having my knitting books to browse through as they are all packed. I must admit I did briefly toy with the idea of opening them, but no, I mustn't.

Our car failed the MOT today, not surprised really. But it shouldn't be too expensive to sort out. So I am carless, and it's knitting group tomorrow. I have decided that I will walk to the bus stop, which is about 2 miles, and if I am feeling super dooper fit, I may even walk all the way to town. But not sure how long it will take me. I think if I leave at 8.30 when the boys go, then I should be ok.

Friday I am having a day out with my Very Best Friend. We are going to Bath, and will be perusing the Cath Kidston shop amongst other places. Should be fun. I haven't managed to find any wool shops in Bath yet, so perhaps that's a good thing.

Happy knitting.

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  1. Lucky you, I am incarcerated in DCH again- until saturday.
    CK in Bath is a fave haunt of mine- I am dreading her bringing out a range of yarns, that would be bad news for my purse