Monday, 24 January 2011

Keeping Fit

Well, the title sounds good. I have been on the wii for 10 hours, not continuously I hasten to add. It still says that I am obese, my little boy (who's 7) said "mum, you're not even fat!" I love that child. I have tried to do the step things and the jogging (whilst holding my boobs down!) so that I actually do some sort of aerobics. I walked to town last week, it's only about 3 miles, but I walked both ways, so that was a start. Trouble is I expect that with that sort of commitment, I should have lost at least half a stone!!No, nothing, zilch. I won't give up though, I will try and walk 2 times a week, and the other days go on the wii.

Not finished anything yet, but then I haven't started anything either. I am almost at the end of the jumper for my hubby. Knitted another cupcake hat, just got the cherry to do, then that's done. I wrote out the pattern as I went along, as I forget otherwise. Still on my yarn diet, I did contemplate going in to a wool shop today, but talked myself out of it. Going to meet my sister in law in Bristol on Friday, so I know I will find myself in John Lewis in the yarn department, so who knows I may have confessions to tell!!I am still trying to hold off until April for Wonderwool Wales, but watch this space!!

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