Friday, 12 August 2011

Busy busy

Wow is that the date already???Where has the summer gone???We have been so busy. I can't believe it. We moved house in the begining of July. Then stayed with friends for two weeks. It was amazing, they were so hospitable, and kind, it felt like a holiday. Then we moved into our new house and stayed a week. Then we went on holiday to Yorkshire. What a beautiful place. So lovely. So many lovely things to look at. What a stressful holiday. Obviously the kids (5 came with us) were still adjusting, and they took it out on us, and each other. There were arguments, outbursts and stress!!Never mind we ended up leaving a day early, as I had just had enough. Then we were home friday until Monday and then away again.

This time it was great. We went with our church youth group to an event up in Norwich, at the Norfolk showground - called New Day. It was great. There were a group of 31 of us, went to be among 6500 teenagers, yes you read it right the first time. It was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Manged to knit a sock whilst away, and started another one. That was the only advantage of a 6 hour mini bus ride with said teenagers!!

While away in Yorkshire I worked like mad and finished my blue bodice cardigan. It was knitted in Sirdar Balmoral (slightly itchy wool). It looked amazing when finished but once again, it didn't suit me. I must learn, do not knit for myself. I am too big busted, and a bit fat for knitted items. They are ok if they are sloppy round the house stuff, but I need finely knitted stuff really, so basically stop knitting for me. Or lose weight. I am sat here typing with a glass of white wine and some cool original doritos, so basically the losing weight thing isn't going to happen tonight!!

I have been trying to finish stuff off, and have almost finished my daughters chunky knit cable cardi. Just got to pick up and knit the button bands, so it's achievable. I am not starting anything new. When I unpacked my wool in the new house, I realised how much stuff I had. I put all the unfinished items next to my bed in a chest of drawers. I found a cardigan, I started it a couple of years ago. It's in paton moonglow. Lovely blue colour with silver threads running through. Its one of those thick and thin yarns, with like slubs in. It's ok but looks a bit scruffy knitted up as the stitches aren't even. It will be cosy round the house in the winter, and as it knits up on 6.5mm needles it should be a quick knit.

Off again next week. Church camp this time. It's part of my lovely hubbys' job, so got to go with the flow. I am already planning what knitting to take, as there should be plenty of knitting time. Happy knitting to my loyal readers. Debs - be nice to catch up with you sometime xx

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  1. Wow, you have been busy, how about meeting up when school starts again?