Thursday, 15 September 2011

All quiet

It's 9.00 a.m and my house is quiet, except for the sound of the washing machine. That is never quiet!!(for those of you who don't know I have 6 children still living at home, so the washing machine is my best friend)

All of the children have gone to school/6th form or work. So I have a few minutes peace, before pegging out the washing, tidying up and then Thursdays is knitting club day. Big decisions, what do I take with me??

I have been knitting a few minature clothes. Not for me (minature is defintely a word not associated with me!!)I have been trying to make jumpers, hats and scarves for small toys/teddies. I have looked at books to guess sizes, and then just trying to make them interesting. I managed to make a scarf, hat and sleeveless jumper last night. It's good because they knit up quick. It's also a good way of using up my stash.

At the moment I am making a hooded cardigan for myself. I have some lovely James Brett Marble in terracotta/grey/orange so it comes out in muted stripes. It's just a cardi to chuck on when winter is here, which by the feel of it, won't be too long. I have been trying to make a Rowan Cardi too. I have the right wool, the right pattern, and the right amount of wool. That's where everything "right" stops. I have unpicked it at least 3 times. It's ok until I get to the bit about following the chart. So I gave up and I have written the chart out by hand. Only to do a row, and realise that I read the chart wrong. So I have put that lovely cardigan back in my knitting bag, and started something easier.

Well the sun is shining so I must peg out my washing. Hope you all have a good day.

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