Sunday, 4 September 2011


Thought you would like to seem some things that I have finally finished. This one is a lovely cable cardigan. I didn't use the wool suggested, I used a chunky weight yarn, but I can't find any ball bands, so I can't remembere what it was called. It was a lovely heather colour, actually it was the colourway Thistle and it was stylecraft signature chunky. I ended up using 12 balls, and then had 4 rows to go around the edging, so I had to track some down on line, phew, that was a close call. It's quite small, so I hope it fits my daughter ok, I may even block it to make it stretch out a bit. Finished sewing it up this morning, it just needs a button and it's done.

This is my Patons Moonglow cardigan. I started this in 2009 and found it in a drawer. I have worn it so much, as it's a lovely soft touch cardigan. I don't love the buttons, but they were only 15p each. The buttons I loved were 58p each, and thought it was a tad expensived. But still it's done now, and I like it. I still look like an all in wrestler in it, but that's not my knitting, it's my body!!

This caridgan is lovely. It is king cole aero chunkypattern number 3286. I used Stylecraft Life super chunky. It was knitted on 10mm needles so really quick. It was easy pattern to follow too. Now just got to hope it fits the daughter it was intended for. Mind you if it doesn't, there's two others after her, that will like it.

Now I am knitting less. Well I have a few other things I could finish, but I'm not feeling the love for them. I have started and frogged, and started and frogged a rowan cardigan. I think I will have another stab at getting that started and try and follow the pattern a bit more carefully. I also unpicked my Bobbi cardigan. I knitted  it ages ago, and liked it, but haven't worn it, so I am unpicking it and reknitting something else with it. Trouble is I need to do a tension square to make sure my knitting isn't too tight, so I probably will leave that for a while.

Anyway off to start the day. Happy knitting

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