Saturday, 9 April 2011


It's so lovely to wake up with the sun shining. It's just after 9 and I have pegged my washing out, made a cake and caught up on reading some blogs too. The girls want to go to town today, so I am taxi service again. We are on a money saving mission, which means I have to spend about 3 hours in town too, just to save petrol driving back and forwards. It's 7 miles to town, so better to do 14 miles, than 28. We have a 7 seater, so petrol is costing a fortune. I don't mind, as I will probably go and sit down near the sea and knit. I will have a mooch in the library, maybe even pick up a couple of knitting books, as they seem to have loads in there at the moment. Also I can go and have a lovely long look around the wool shop, and decide what to spend my voucher on. Very exciting. Well washing machine has finished again, so better go and peg some more washing out. Hope you have a fun day (that's to my number one daugher!!)

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