Friday, 29 April 2011

GRRRRR Rage time

Hmm, bet that title got you interested. People think that living on a farm (we are actually 2 miles away from the farm, but in the country) must be so lovely. THINK AGAIN. This is my morning. Woke up, thought oh, could go on the wii fit everyone is in bed, apart from hubby who had to go to work ON A BANK HOLIDAY!!!!!Get out of bed and get semi dressed, then hear the tv is on, and one of the kids already up. So ok, plan foiled. Decide to go on laptop and have some breakfast. Look out of the window, and see 5 lambs in the chicken run, one tangled up in the electric fencing netting (not connected, as no battery).So I slowly meander to the front door to go out - actually who am I trying to kid!! I run out of the front door in a rage (surprising that) to assist the lovely little lambs out. It's annoying because they are in a massive back garden with loads of long grass, which we want them to eat, as our lawn mower has broken. So by the time they spot me coming, with that look of evil intent in my eye, they are running, and of course, they run in the chicken run, so I expect the eggs are broken now. I manage to get them out, without hurting any of them, though I am sorely tempted. One of them tangled itself up in the wire, which is flexible wire so it won't cut them, but it was struggling so much it had it tangled around it's neck, and was trying to run. So after I got it out, while inwardly trying not to swear out loud (kids might hear) the flipping things had completely trashed the electric fencing. So after I chased them like a maniac back into the garden, I had to put the chicken fence back up, not easy, as the ground has cobble stones in and there are not many soft bits to push the fence in.

Then I had to drive down to our local town with one of the girls to drop her off to a drama rehearsal, about 7 miles away. I got back and sat down at the dining table with a well deserved coffee and some toast. Ate my breakfast and then looked out of the window. I DON'T BELIEVE IT, I saw the little blighters climbing over the hedge of our garden into a field. I ran out into the garden (I am so entering the 100m dash) and then had to open hurdles, and grab a stick, and chase them round the field. Got them in, and blow me , 2 missing!!! Saw them in the hedge, I am so glad I don't have a shotgun, because I would have just shot them in the hedge, I was so irritated (blocked goals, I know). Anyway had to do some sheep pyschology, if I move away from the hedge, and feed the others and pretend I don't mind them being in the hedge, they will come back in the garden. Which after a few minutes and death threats from me, they did. So then I have blocked the hole in the hedge with garden chairs. As I'm typing this, I could hear the dulcit tones of a little lamb bleating, I looked out of the window. I DON'T BELIEVE IT. One lamb is out, near my washing line. It did only take me 30 seconds to get it back in. I think it knew that it had pushed me to the edge of reason. If it wasn't so early, I'd crack open the wine. Think I had better knit a bit to soothe my nerves. The only good thing about lambs, are lamb kebabs and fleeces!!!It has made me realise - I so have anger issues. Hope you all have a lovely day.xx

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