Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Holiday

Happy Easter to my loyal readers. Been busy today, well this morning, knitting. I had a lovely time, trying to crack on with my number one daughters cable cardigan. Got up to the armhole, so the end of the back is in sight. Yesterday, I managed to finish the front of the long grey waistcoat, so only one more piece to do. I am just trying to finish things on the needles. I won't necessarily finish the whole garment, just the piece that is on the needles. I am also trudging on with my friendship shawl, don't think that will be finished quickly, but I try and do some every week.

I managed to spend my knitting voucher, and bought some lovely wool by Lang, it's sock yarn, and lovely colours ranging from reds, greens, rust, mustard it's really nice.

Got lots of changes going on around here, will blog more, when I know more. Happy knitting

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  1. I hope the changes are good ones Sally. Happy Easter and keep on knitting
    Deb x