Thursday, 22 March 2012

Back on line

Phew, what a relief, back with internet. As soon as the postman had delivered the router, I was off. Wasted a whole afternoon reading blogs, catching up with iplayer and generally wasting time. Now that's out of my system it's back to reality. Didn't do hardly any knittng last week as was desperately trying to finish a cross stitch for my mum for mothers day. Literally every day I spent about 3 or more hours trying to get the jolly thing finished. Didn't manage it. But I showed her on the day, what I had done. I still think its got 20 hours worth of work to do on it. I am bored of it now, so have gone back to knitting, and crochet. I have been crocheting a granny stripe blanket (attic24) and I am just doing a border around the edges to finish it. I do love it actually. Trouble is the kids love it too, so not sure what I will do with it, maybe keep in on the sofa, to share. I definitely would do another one, but then there are these lovely ripple blankets too, so will have to just write a list. I still have 4 different projects on the needles, so should really finsh them, but also remember someone saying, or reading, if you don't love your knitting, don't knit it. So big decision, do I just unpick it, or keep going??I do love one of the things I'm knitting but get too distracted by other things. Story of my life.

Got up early today 6am to do a fitness workout. Did a quarter of it then thought, I can't be bothered. Its not just the excercise I need to do, but stop and think about what I put in my mouth.

Off today to Primarni with my eldest daughter and two grandchildren, so that should be interesting. Think I will be in charge of the pram!!

See you soon.

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