Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Biting the bullet

Well I am here, yet again, on the must lose weight campaign. I am going to bite the bullet tonight, and go to a slimming club. I kid myself that I can do it alone, but I don't. I lack motivation. So I am going to go tonight, there, it's public, out there, committed. My goal to lose weight, is so that I can knit something, and wear it and feel lovely. I don't want to be super skinny, a size 16 would be ideal, 14 even better, but I'm aiming for 16 first. According to official figures I need to lose 5 stone!!!Why is it so easy to put that much on for goodness sake. I am going to try and get to 13 stone something, just so I am under 14 stone, as I haven't been that for about 8 years. I am going to excercise more, and walk more too.

Trouble is with the new job, you drive everywhere. Then when you're not working, you are clock watching, so end up driving. So if I have to drive then I will have to get up early and do an excercise routine.

I am still knitting Reine, slowly, and already a couple of mistakes, but not glaring ones. Just put the buttonhole in the wrong place, by about 2 stitches, so it will not be noticeable. Picked up a cardigan to finish the sleeve, and realised I hadn't read the instructions right, so I may have to unpick most of the sleeves. I am also going to the Ally Pally this year. A friend is driving up, and we have filled her car with 7 knitters, I am saving so I can actually buy something, and who knows by October I could have lost a stone!!Watch this space.

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