Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well, where had the time gone. Yet again, I haven't kept up with the blog. I am doing really well with Driftwood. It's finished. Well I still have to do the sleeves and the neckband, but the majority of it has been done. It will actually fit me, but not sure if it will suit me, as it makes me look like a barrel. Now I am under no illusions, I know I look a bit like a barrel, so I don't know why I suddenly thought that horizontal stripes would suit me, but hey I will learn one day. I think I will try and lose some weight (yeah I know, you have all heard it before), maybe this time, I will do it. It would be so nice to be a size 16 (in non elastene jeans), and it's not undoable, but I have to make it happen.

For Christmas I got a lovely book of animal knits hats. I have spent a fair bit of time making an elephant hat. My kids have refused to wear it, but someone will, I'm sure. I have sewed the trunk on, and then realised it was on wrong. I am just about to try again. I have one more ear to knit, stuff and attach, and then it will be finished. So here goes. I will post pictures when done.

Happy New Year to you all.

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