Tuesday, 2 October 2012

All change

Well it's all change again here. I went into work last week, and was give a gift set, and told that I was employee of the month. I was so thrilled and touched. Then I said to my boss, "you may want to have that back, as I am giving my notice in". She was very good about it, and said no, keep it.

Basically I am going to be working as a private carer for someone I know, as part of a team, which should be a bit better for my family life. It means I am around in the mornings to get the kids off to school. The money will be a bit more, and the hours too, and I will be self employed, so will need to keep an eye on things a bit more.

Almost finished the cardi, on the final sleeve, then doing the horrid button band. Supposed to pick up and knit all along the sides and down the fronts etc, so not sure if I will do it that way, or knit and then sew on after, don't like either really, but must finish it properly.

Have really fancied making a crochet bag, but need to finish this first. I will not be distracted, I will finish this cardigan, I will not be distracted. I must keep saying that!!

Anyway I fancy a glass of wine and some chocolate. Can't have either coz not got any and skint too.

Will go and knit!!

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