Sunday, 21 March 2010

Have your cake and eat it

Well, after feeling guilty when the children came home on Thursday and asked if there was any cake, I got on and made a chocolate cake. I took 2 pictures, one when it was made and one about half an hour later, and now (Sunday morning) it's all gone, so I will have to make another one this afternoon. Well, at least they like my cooking. This chocolate cake is a staple favourite in our house. I even make it for a lady in a local coffee shop, where it sells really well. I used to make smaller ones, but they were eaten too quickly. I think I get through a food mixer a year!

Friday I went to the lambing shed, for my last shift (hooray) and swept all the floors up, and chucked the muck into a wheelbarrow. I kept hoping I would have lost weight, but in the evening I treated myself to a glass of wine and some chilli heatwave doritos, therefore, undoing all the hard work in the daytime.

I was talking to hubby about how you can motivate yourself, when you are not a motivated person. I never seem to finish anything. Knitting, dieting, shopping for yarn. I have lots of half started projects, and I do find it hard to get round to finishing them. I know some knitting it's difficult because you have to be able to knit in quiet, to count so there's only certain times that you can do that.

I went to a friends surprise 40th yesterday. My mum looked after the boys at her house, and the girls were busy with friends. It was lovely to see my friend, as I only see her about once a year. She only lives about 30 miles away, but life seems to get so busy. It was really nice to catch up with a lot of friends. And not so nice when you realise that 40 happened nearly 3 years ago, where did that time go. Talking of time, I had better go, as still got dishes downstairs to tackle and children to motivate into getting out of bed ready for church. Bye for now.

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  1. My goodness you do seem to have a busy life, as a farmer's daughter I can identify with that especially at lambing time. I hope you can find time for knitting and eating chocolate cake. I usually discipline myself to one article at a time, leads to less frustration and I particularly enjoy kniting socks as there is no stitching up and they don't go on too long.