Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Beautiful yarn

This book has some amazing scarves in it. I am currently (well it's in bits in my yarnrobe, wardrobe full of yarn) knitting a beautiful scarf called silver wedding and it's lots of different shades of silver in the book, but I am using shades of purple/grey, and it will be lovely, if and when I ever finish it.
This is from a lovely book called knitted gifts by Ann Budd. The book is lovely, and I knitted this up straight away as soon as the book arrived. The only thing was I didn't look at the needle sizes, and ended up using ones too big, so I can't actually wear it as a hat, but it's great to keep your neck warm as a neck warmer!!

This is some of the beautiful yarn from my stash. This is the stuff that I think just explains in colour why I love knitting. I am always drawn to brightly coloured expensive yarn, but end up knitting with the cheaper stuff. From left to right. Rowan kidsilk, two purple one lilac, project in mind from little luxury knits, maybe some gloves. Next some beautiful 100% llama. This feels so soft, I bought it last August on holiday in Cornwall (loads of yarn shops there) and it will be lovely for a scarf of something you can wear close to your skin. Next Socks that Rock. This yarn is amazing. I love it. I had never heard about it until I listened to "Lime and Violet" podcast. They talked about it so much, that I had a look at and fell in love. It's pretty pricey, but it is so lovely when knitted up as socks, (or whatever you like). I have knitted 2 pairs of socks, and have 3 more skeins above to use for more. Next is Noro.One is Kureyon, two are silk garden lite and one is cash iraho. I don't know why I am always drawn to this yarn. It's so lovely, and so exciting to knit with as the colour changes are amazing. I have only knitted bags so far, as until I am a size 10 it's a bit expensive for a jumper/cardigan.

Don't you think this yarn is beautiful. It's Rowan Tapestry and this is my finished snood/hat from earlier.

Another picture of the socks that rock, because they do. Happy knitting.

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