Monday, 15 March 2010

Starting out

Well, everyone else seems to be blogging, so why not. Just random thoughts about family life (7 children), living in the countryside and knitting. Actually should knitting be at the front of that list?

My name is Sally and I have the pleasure of having seven children, it wasn't pleasure giving birth, but you soon forget the pain of birth, apart from the stretch marks never disappear. I also have a beautiful grandaughter too. I spend a lot of my life knitting, thinking about knitting, reading about knitting and buying yarn. I read a lot of knitting blogs, twitter about knitting, so now I have decided to write about what I knit, in case anyone is interested.

I live on a farm in England. In the middle of a field, in a beautiful big house, which is always a bit chaotic, and noisy. Two of my children have left home now, and live their own lives, and pop in from time to time. The others range from 15 down to 6, so have the delightful pleasure of teenagers too!! I would like to say that I am tidy, organised, slim and beautiful, but I don't want to lie, I am the opposite to all of those things, but I am quite a good knitter. Well don't want to bore you all, but will try and just write random stuff from time to time. Bye for now.

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