Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The naughty shop

Please read on, before wondering what I am going to say. Today had a lovely day out with daughter number 1 and my beautiful grandaughter. We went to a local (well 30 miles feels local) shopping mall. We went into Sainsburys. Now for some reason, known only to us, my daughter and I love going into Sainsburys. We mooch around the clothes, and I even tried some on, but didn't buy. Then we both look around at the stationary, in case there are any beautiful notebooks that we can't live without. Oooohhh Emma Bridgwater hearts ones are so lurrvely. Didn't buy though. Bet you're impressed. Then we buy what stuff we need, binliners etc. Then we had a look in M&S. There was a sale on. Suddenly, I could feel my heart beating as my eyes spied that 50% off poster. I slowly, being very casual, sauntered over and had a quick look through. Now usually I would be in there with the best of them. Elbows out, for quick jab to the ribs, for those other "ladies"(debateable with sales on) who are perusing!!But today, somehow I just didn't fancy the rugby scrum. Everyone there is sliding the screechy hangers along the rails, pretending that they aren't bothered about bargains. Inside their hearts are pounding in their chests and they are wondering how much stuff they can carry into the fitting rooms, before that other "woman" takes the lot. So I walked away. I bet you are impressed. I was. I thought I have only spent £16 today, that's so good. Then we went for lunch, which was nice. It's one of those buffet lunches, so you feel like you have to get your money's worth!!So now I am sitting typing this, thinking I may even give our evening meal a miss, I am still full and we had lunch at 12.30.

Then as we still had 30 mins or so to spare, I persuaded my daughter, whom I love exceedingly much (she reads this) to take me to the naughty shop. Now in Winton, near Bournemouth in Cardigan road, is Carlys crafts. This shop is amazingly fabulously tempting. The lady who works in there, is lovely, helpful and such an enabler. My favourite daughter (are you still with me??)parked on double yellows round the corner, with instructions to ring me if I was too long. There was Noro, in every colour, Debbie Bliss, Rowan and loads more. The pattern books are amazing, so I had a quick flick round. Made up a wish list in my head, of wanting all the yarn in the shop, then settled on 3 balls of Rowan Handknit cotton - just because I could. Happy days. I think next time I will take a big bag, lots of dosh and a day, to browse in the naughty shop.

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