Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Quiet start

Woke up at 4 a.m to hubby getting out of bed. Heard him go downstairs, so thought, oh well he's off to the lambing shed early today. He came back about 6 and got back in bed, and woke me up, with his cold feet, to tell me he went down an hour early by mistake!!Now I know he's feeling tired!! Did the usual stuff first thing this morning, loading washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, kids - well giving the boys breakfast. At one point about 8 a.m I sat down to do another few rows of the hat, and looked to see both of the boys reading. The youngest son, had got himself a book and was reading to himself, he's 6 years old, so I was well impressed. So for 5 minutes peace reigned in our house - and believe me, that doesn't happen much. I even took a photo when he wasn't looking. I will try and add it later.

My broadband isn't behaving as it should, so I keep having to do line tests and then phone the Post Office back (they are our internet provider) and let them know what's going on. It just means you can't watch anything on iplayer because it takes twice as long as it keeps pausing.

Went to the lambing shed after dropping daughter number 2 off at her work placement. Some friends of ours came down with their lovely 3 grandaughters, and they had the pleasure of seeing some lambs born. Don't think they were that impressed though, think they may think twice before deciding to have children themselves!!It's when the sheep eat the afterbirth I feel my insides squirming, and keep repeating to myself don't think of spaghetti, don't think of spaghetti. My hubby thinks it's funny, as sometimes they eat it, then breathe out and he says it's like they are blowing bubbles. That is not funny in my book. Came home and cooked him lunch too, so I think he was impressed. Now got a fruit cake in the oven. I can feel my halo glowing.

Tomorrow I get a day off. Knitting group. Yes at last, the only wool I will see won't be on legs and a reason to knit for two hours, lovely people and great coffee at Caffe Neros.

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