Thursday, 18 March 2010

Knitting group

Today I had a day off from walking wool. It was knitting group at caffe Nero's. I started the group a year ago, and it was just 3 of us at first, and now there can be up to 16 if everyone is around. There's a nice range of ages, from 30's to 70's. If you are thinking about starting up a knitting group, then go for it. I put a notice on ravelry, made some posters and put them up in the library, and the local knitting shop. When I was lurking in the magazine section of WHSmith, if I saw somebody picking up a knitting magazine, then I invited them along. It worked well, one of our group, I actually met there, and then she came along the knitting group and brought friends along too. It does have it's drawbacks, I think one lady thought I was a weirdo - she may have had a point!! They are such a lovely bunch of ladies, and we have a real laugh. Talk about all sorts, and help each other out if we are stuck with something. We did a fund raiser in February to raise money for cancer research. We all knitted pink blanket squares, got sponsored, and had a raffle and raised over £600. We had our picture in the local echo along with the mayor. The blanket was sold off in a silent auction, and the other was given to one of our members, for her daughter, who unfortunately has cancer.
As you can see from the above photos, I am a great starter, but not so good at finishing. The first picture, top left is AK Traditions dolls. These are so lovely. Finally you can get them in the UK. I bought this pattern book from and they are so easy to do. I have done the dress in slightly different colours. I have just got the collar and the hat to do, then I have finished. Well, apart from sewing in the ends, sewing together and stuffing. It was supposed to be for my grandaughters first birthday, which was earlier this week, but maybe Easter??
Next photo along is a 50's style bolero, for a friend of mine. I used Sirdar Blur on number 11 needles. It took forever to do. I finished about 4 or 5 other things in between times, as it was quite brain deadening. I now have to sew it together, and then ask one of the ladies from my knitting group to help me with the shell crochet edge. It's in the pink colour, which you can see in the next photo.
Next is Zauerball (?) sock. I have knitted 2 socks, one too small for me, and the other ok, so I gave them to daughter number 4, and now am knititng another one sock, so in case she ever twists an ankle, she will have an odd one!!
Then next is a lovely long cardigan in Wendy Skye double knitting. This is a lovely dark grey/blue wool, with flecks in. I got it from Warwick wools (on the internet) and it was much cheaper than anywhere else. It's great for taking to knitting group, as you can talk while you knit. That's just a few projects that I have on the go. Still working on the hat, will finish that tonight. Well better go, all the children have just got in from school, asking if I have made any cakes, I mean, how rude, knitting day today!!Don't they realise!!

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