Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sheep - yarn on legs

Well today I have been down to the farm, to help my husband with the lambing. It's funny to think that those lovely fleeces on the sheep are sold for such a cheap price. I wish I had time to spin, and dye them, so I could have more yarn for my stash. All I did today, was number up some sheep and lambs. When they moved my numbers moved, so some don't look so clear. Last time I thought I was being clever and needed to spray the sheeps number on one side. She kept moving so I thought I would do it upside down, trouble is instead of being 100 it ended up as 001 - not so clever after all. It has been a beautiful day, sunny with a cool breeze, we sat outside and had a cup of tea, and it was lovely. My lovely husband offered me the chance of assisting with a birth - I declined. Funny, I used to want to be a midwife, but now, I have gone off the idea. It is amazing when you see these lambs delivered and within a few minutes they are wobbling around on their legs.

I am in the middle of altering a knitted hat for someone. I had to have the brim taken off then unpicked from the top down, and then re-knitted and then the brim re-knitted. It's not the most fun thing to do, especially as it had been sewn up so well, I had to do most of the unpicking with scissors.

I have got lots of ideas buzzing around for this blog, I actually found an excuse to use my Cath Kidston notebook that my daughter bought me for Christmas. I won't start them all now, but I think I could write something everyday for weeks. Don't think I will bore everyone too soon. I want to learn how to add photos so I can show you what I am knitting, books I am reading, stuff I want to do, the list is endless. Must go and finish knitting the hat. Bye for now

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